I promise to be a transparent and ethical leader!

I decided to run for this office because I want to represent the voices of the 15th District in DC.

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Meet Erika

Erika is an advocate for and passionate about standing up for the working class. In Washington, she will be a voice for every person in our district. She is a single-mom of three amazing young people, who in turn are her biggest supporters.







IFT (Illinois Federation of Teachers)

Indivisible Metro East

Coles County Dems.

Champaign Cty. Young Democrats

Wabash Cty Dems.

Bond Cty Dems.

Crawford Cty Dems

Lawrence Cty. Dems.

Effingham Cty Dems

Masaac Cty Dems.

Moultie Cty. Dems.

Marion Cty. Dems.

Clay Cty. Dems.

Richland Cty. Dem. Women

Crawford Cty. Dem Women, and most importantly my children.