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Candidate's Answers Raise Questions in Illinois Congressional Race

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Erika C. Weaver, Democratic nominee for Congress 15th District, Mattoon CUSD2 School Board member, and Coles County Public Defender. On September 29, 2020, the Chicago Tribune released responses to general elections candidate surveys. In reading the responses, my campaign was elated with the support and endorsement our campaign received in Mary Miller’s submission.

Several of my opponent’s prepared responses echoed language previously submitted by me in numerous surveys, interviews, and forums; and confirms that I am the best person to carry my policies, ideas on behalf of the people of the 15th District. It is evident that my plans for the 15th district are supported by both parties.

Political campaign endorsements rely on written responses to candidate surveys and questionnaires. Very few are ever prepared by the candidate themselves, but instead rely on professional political writers. Although my opponent has consistently avoided debates to present her own plans, her Tribune responses are a clear and concise endorsement of my stance on education, social security, immigration, clean and renewable energy, and the economy.  In her prior statements she argued for against public education, renewable energy, and international affairs, while having no plan for healthcare or social security. Most importantly she argued that the 15th district was being terrorized by illegal immigrations. I am pleased that Mrs. Miller now agrees with me on the need for supporting apprenticeship programs, community college programs. She endorses my ideas on social security and ensuring that every American gets to pursue their own American dream on their own terms.

I believe that this demonstrates that what I have laid out for the people of the 15th district is the best plan of advocacy for the people. My plans for mobile medical units are authentic and new. My approach to speaking up for the people and not being beholden to a party unique and proven.

I entered this race with a heart of service and a spirit of advocacy. I want us to have a strong person representing our interest in DC. I want us to have someone who is not be beholden to a party or administration. I want us to have an ethical and transparent representative to speak up for every person in the district. I did so because I trust my character and conduct to be consistent. I trust my proven advocacy, leadership, and service to be the foundation of what I offer the people of our district. My work-ethic developed out of commuting 184 miles every week from Mattoon to Chicago for law school, while raising my three amazing young people. That was the burden of pursuing my American dream and that is why I want every person in our district to have the opportunity to pursue their American dream without those same hardships. I understand the pain that Americans are facing right now to overcome housing and food insecurity while maintaining dignity and hope. I understand the feeling of having your hard work stolen from you by those with money and resources. I stand with the people of this district in fighting for our representation. I stand with the people of this district in demanding more from our leaders. I understand what it means to lead by serving and I want to serve the people of the 15th district in Washington DC.

I understand that the American people are exhausted. We are overwhelmed by the political dysfunction and vitriol. We want better from our leaders, but we have to stand up and demand it. I am asking the people of the 15th District to hold on a little longer, cast their votes for Erika Weaver and I promise to be better for all of us.

- Erika Weaver

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