Education is the cornerstone of this nation. We must invest in our public schools system, expand early childhood education and fully fund public education. Every child in Illinois deserves access to a quality education will allow them to reach their full potential - no matter the location of the school they attend, the color of their skin or how much money their parents make.

Covid 19
COVID-19 Relief

The recently introduced HEALS Act insufficiently provides funds to state and local governments. It also reduces unemployment benefits from $600 to $200 per month.

Carpenter at Work

I believe trade policies should benefit Americans especially farmers. More than 20 percent of crops grown and raised in the United States are exported. Trade wars hurt rural communities. Negotiation/working with allies are our most vital possible position.

Police Patch
Police Reform

I support the recently introduced “George Floyd Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act” and its effort to create better bonds and relationships between police departments and the communities they serve.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

I believe everyone should receive quality healthcare and have access to affordable healthcare. Mobile units and telehealthcare can provide access to affordable healthcare in rural areas. Particularly in times of crisis, we must empower our healthcare systems to manage the needs of their communities effectively.

Modern Office Building
Economic Development/Jobs

We need to bring sustainable business and employment opportunities in the district. This includes plans to expand opportunities for our farming community, developing small businesses near and along Routes 1 and 50, Interstates 57, 70, and 74, along the Ohio River, and recruiting more companies with remote employment opportunities.


From its establishment in colonial days through our present day, the United States has stood as “a beacon of hope” and a “shining city on a hill.” Generations of individuals and families have emigrated from foreign lands to live, work, and worship, blessed by the freedoms and opportunities offered in this great nation. 

Criminal Justice Reform

I support and believe we can reimagine our criminal justice system. It is not a coincidence that there are disparate impacts of our current legal system.