Criminal Justice Reform

I support and believe we can reimagine our criminal justice system. It is not a coincidence that there are disparate impacts of our current legal system.

​I believe there are some measures we can incorporate to reduce the incarceration and recidivism rate. I support alternatives to arrest and incarceration for low-level offenses. One out of every three people behind bars is being held in a local jail and most for low-level or nonviolent crimes. Spending time in jail leads to several collateral consequences and financial roadblocks to successful reentry, and higher recidivism rates that quickly lead to higher state prison populations.

  • I support and encourage judges to use non-monetary sanctions, rather than fines and fees. 

  • I support reclassifying criminal offenses and turning misdemeanor charges that do not threaten public safety into non-jailable infractions or decriminalize them entirely.

  • I support issuing citations, rather than arrest, for low-level crimes.